ADVENTURE! & A NEW Spirit Animal Release!

Earthdrawn Studio will be AWAY from June 7 - July 11, 2019! We are en-route to South America where I'm super excited to fill up on inspiration, colour, and of course, adventure! I've had WAY too many requests to add a Llama to the Spirit Animal collection... SO! Just for you guys... I will be creating a brand new addition while I am in Peru! Can't get any more authentic than that!! The store will remain open during this time, with an extended processing time. All orders placed while I'm away will be shipped as soon as I return after the 11th July. I look forward to sharing the journey & updates with you!

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Everything you need to know about framing

You can elevate an artwork and really make it a beautiful feature of your home just by choosing the right frame! Here's a handy guide to help you add that finishing touch... - Look at the colours in the artwork If your artwork has a range of bright, vibrant colours, it's best to go with a very light & simple frame to avoid pulling attention away from the artwork itself. A nice, simple white frame does the trick perfectly - it's subtle, goes with everything, and never outdates. When in doubt, white all-out! If you're feeling adventurous, and if your artwork contains any dark or black tones, framing it with a black frame will draw from those bold colours and...

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A brand new name!

Here we go!! This is a bit exciting....for as long as I've known, 'Caz' has been my nickname and the label I chose when I first put my art out into the world!; But over the years I've grown and evolved my work, aiming for highly detailed, intricate artwork which people could connect with. My original brand name has slowly become outgrown and I wanted to reinvigorate a brand that's in synchronicity with the work I do today. Change is scary, right? Maybe that's why I've sat on this decision for about a year! But I think change is also a good thing - it shows that it's time to aim higher and then look back at just how far...

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