Everything you need to know about framing

You can elevate an artwork and really make it a beautiful feature of your home just by choosing the right frame! Here's a handy guide to help you add that finishing touch...

- Look at the colours in the artwork

If your artwork has a range of bright, vibrant colours, it's best to go with a very light & simple frame to avoid pulling attention away from the artwork itself. A nice, simple white frame does the trick perfectly - it's subtle, goes with everything, and never outdates. When in doubt, white all-out!

If you're feeling adventurous, and if your artwork contains any dark or black tones, framing it with a black frame will draw from those bold colours and give the overall piece a touch of class & elegance - this is a true statement piece!


- Consider where it's going to be placed

The frame of an artwork can help enhance the theme & style of a room as well. Look at where it's going - if it's for a boy's room, a black frame adds masculinity. If it's for a baby girl's nursery, stick with light airy colours like white, or light wood. Fancy a rustic, minimal theme? Natural oak frames are simply gorgeous and will give you a sense of warmth with its raw earthy tones & textures.


- Where & how to find the perfect frame

Picking out a frame for your new artwork can be so much fun - you get a chance to personalise the final piece, and pick the perfect frame to marry up with the look & feel in the rest of your room. But how do you know what size frame to get? It can be daunting seeing so many different kinds of frames & dimensions, and there are lots of sizes out there! This is why I make my prints available in the 4 most common sizes. An A4 print fits into an A4 frame, and so on. Easy!

A4 Prints // 8.27x11.69" (similar to Letter size)

A3 Prints // 11.7x16.5" (similar to Tabloid size)

A2 Prints // 16.54x23.4" (Similar to poster size)

A1 Prints // 23.4x33.11" (Similar to giant poster size)


- Special tip: White Matt Borders

Give your artwork the WOW factor by going up a frame size! Depending on the brand of frame, many frames come with a matt border insert to suit a certain size print. For example, an A3 print can also fit into a bigger A2 frame that comes with an A3 matt border window, making the overall artwork big & beautiful! If you have the room on your wall, bigger is better!


- Custom Professional Framing

You can never go past the quality & beauty of getting an artwork framed professionally. This does cost a lot more, but the results are stunning, and this will help to further preserve your artwork. A custom framer will present an incredible array of colours, styles & options to you, and you will be sure to discover a range of professional framing stores in your local area.


As always, if you have any other questions about framing, get in touch and I'll be happy to help!