Art made with love, by Australian Illustrator Carlie Edwards


Carlie Edwards - Earthdrawn Studio Art and Art Classes Brisbane Australia

Earthdrawn Studio is a brand based in sunny Queensland, Australia, offering premium art prints and greeting cards featuring the work of watercolour & pencil artist Carlie Edwards.

Growing up among the bush & beach in Byron Bay was the foundation and inspiration behind much of Carlie’s work, which has a high focus on our gorgeous Australian wildlife. Starting off with a humble little market stall selling a small range of prints, Carlie was blown away by the love and support from the community, and what began as a weekend hobby around her corporate day job quickly blossomed into a fulltime business.

Upon exploring the collection, you’ll be drawn into an enchanting world of colour, imagination and intricate details, all created with hundreds of coloured pencils and an enormous amount of love. From tiny strands of fur to the glisten in each animal’s eye, it all comes together one stroke at a time. A common question is how long it takes to complete a piece, which can range up to 60 hours!

Every single element of the artwork is sketched and refined before the colour is added. Multiple layers of watercolour are painted onto the artwork first to give some gorgeous textures and set the tone. Then the magic happens when the pencilwork is added. A key part of every artwork; the eyes, are always done last!

Coloured Pencil Illustrated Artworks - Alpaca in Progress

The iconic Spirit Animal series began unintentionally, when an upcoming major surgery led Carlie to draw a regal bohemian lion piece as a symbol of fighting fear and being brave. After feeling the positive impact of creating the artwork and its symbolism, Carlie wanted to share this energy to uplift and inspire others in their own journeys, and this lion became the first artwork in the Spirit Animal Totem Collection. Every animal is carefully studied and selected for their beautiful meanings, which adds a personal touch and makes them a popular gift choice. This is what many children and adults alike continue to be ‘drawn to’, and this is what the brand name Earthdrawn Studio was later based upon.

These beautiful art prints are a perfect statement piece for your interior, nursery, bedroom or office, and make for a beautiful gift. Spot Carlie at one of your local markets around Southeast QLD / Byron Bay, or join in on one of the many fun watercolour workshops on offer!