NEW ARRIVAL! Bohemian Alpaca Wall Art Prints are here!

You've been waiting patiently for this cheeky little one to arrive, and now the Bohemian Alpaca Prints are here - in not one, two, but THREE different colourways! How exciting! Of course, the Alpaca is part of the Spirit Animal series, so it comes with a beautiful story & meaning too!


If you'd love one of these prints in your life (and let's be honest, who doesn't love alpacas??) here are some great tips for styling it into your home like an interior design pro!

1. Pick a colour from the print and feature it throughout your room

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing colours from this artwork! We love all things teal at the moment, so if you're hanging this print in your bedroom or living room, consider teal-coloured display cushions, candles, and ornaments for instance. Best yet, don't be afraid to mix it up! This is a very eclectic print, so it makes way for styling the room with all your favourite colours!

2. Mix up the textures and patterns

We are loving some of the cushions, rugs and quilt covers coming out of places like Adairs, Target and another favourite - Early Settler. You'll find crispy white quilt sets decorated with pompoms - and when styled with the alpaca print... oh what a match made in heaven! Throw in a shagpile aztec-style black & white rug and a one-of-a-kind feature cushion from Bed Bath n' Table (we found one with an embroidered alpaca!), and you've got yourself a stunning South-American inspired room!

3. Keep your key items of furniture simple and neutral

Larger pieces of furniture such as beds and sofas look best as solid, neutral colours. This helps to draw attention to your more bespoke decorative items such as your Alpaca print and other unique treasures. It also works to create a visual 'reprieve' between otherwise detailed furnishings like a busy floor rug or a bold feature wall. In a colourful or eclectic room, having one or more 'minimalist' or 'neutral' items will help to make everything look deliberate and intentional.

4. Add greenery

...because plants are life. Seriously, make friends with those fronds, because plants enhance your mood and also make a room feel more alive. You can even get plants that clean the air, like Mother-in-law's Tongue. Just do a little research first or ask your local plant store which plants will be best suited to your room's lighting and temperature. Nothing goes better with this Alpaca print like a hardy little cactus or succulent! Find some cute pots at your local market or boutique store - winning!

5. Extra decorations

This art print is all about radiant energy and happiness, so channel that into the rest of the room's decorations! If it's a kids room, Lummi and Co have some colourful pompom-style garland lights which would look stunning hanging on the wall or around your child's bedframe.


And there you have it! In summary, this alpaca print will go with whatever style and theme you choose, and we suggest keeping a few larger items more simplified and neutral to tie it all in.

Excited to style up your room? Shop Alpaca prints here!

Alpaca PrintAlpaca PrintAlpaca Print