A brand new name!

Here we go!! This is a bit exciting....for as long as I've known, 'Caz' has been my nickname and the label I chose when I first put my art out into the world!; But over the years I've grown and evolved my work, aiming for highly detailed, intricate artwork which people could connect with. My original brand name has slowly become outgrown and I wanted to reinvigorate a brand that's in synchronicity with the work I do today.

Change is scary, right? Maybe that's why I've sat on this decision for about a year! But I think change is also a good thing - it shows that it's time to aim higher and then look back at just how far you've come.

It's been a long time coming, but Caz Creations has had a makeover! I'm so excited to introduce you to Earthdrawn Studio!

What does it mean?

I've always been fascinated by the colours, patterns and variety of plants & animals in mother nature - it's where my key source of inspiration is drawn from and I wanted to reflect this in the new brand. Another key element that has stood out to me is when people view my work, most people tell me they were 'drawn to a particular piece' and form a special connection to the artwork. It always warms my heart to hear this, because it's why I do what I do! I wanted this to be symbolic in my brand too.

Whether you're new around here or have followed along since the beginning, I am so grateful for your support and I look forward to sharing many new & exciting things with you in the future!


~ Carlie xx