Bohemian Owl - Spirit Animal Series
Bohemian Owl - Spirit Animal Series
Bohemian Owl - Spirit Animal Series
Bohemian Owl - Spirit Animal Series


Bohemian Owl - Spirit Animal Series

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The mystic owl has a soulful wisdom, patience and intelligence like no other. With piercing eyes, the owl has incredible intuition, and brings guidance on seeing people, feelings and truths that otherwise may be missed or unspoken. As your spirit animal, you may find that the owl invokes creativity and a more powerful connection to your spiritual self at night time.

Being a quiet, peaceful observer of its surroundings from the treetops, the owl will encourage you to find your own retreat and frequently practice mindfulness and meditation.

Each original piece in the collection is hand drawn over approximately 40-50 hours with intricate coloured pencil work. Fine art prints are created using the highest quality papers and finishes to showcase the artwork.

Size Guide:

A4 Prints // 8.27x11.69" (similar to Letter size)

A3 Prints // 11.7x16.5" (similar to Tabloid size)

A2 Prints // 16.54x23.4" (poster size)

A1 Prints // 23.4x33.11" (giant poster size)

Print Guide:

A4 and A3 prints are made using a beautiful 270gsm textured fine art paper, which is FSC Forestry certified & carbon neutral.

A2 and A1 prints are made using a smooth 200gsm PhotoSatin fine art paper, showcasing vibrant colours and crisp details. Please allow 2-4 weeks as these prints are made to order.

*Frame not included. Each device displays colour differently and actual colours may differ slightly.